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God Have left me!

A Brief Dementia He was walking on the streets of the city, in a place he was quite familiar with. People usually come over there to chill after a long week of work. as a matter of fact, people actually come to that place every night to watch football and listen to different kinds of music. But… Continue reading God Have left me!


The Realm of Solitude

finding solace in things to escape from the agony of the reality is what every single human being is using. we accept those things as asylums we hid in to create our own space where no time, no rules and no pain is.. as a matter of fact, the pains become a shelter that shadows our… Continue reading The Realm of Solitude

short story, Thoughts

Keep the kites Flying high

I was sitting in the lecture hall, copying down the formulas and questions written on the board. The clock showed 11:30 A.M., the air outside was thick and opaque. I was the only one sitting in the hall since the lecture has already finished. One of my teachers came in, with his laptop bag on… Continue reading Keep the kites Flying high